I am a 17-year-old South African Muslim with vibrant and dynamic prospects for the future. Together with my many personal aspirations and ambitions to live up to, I most certainly have hopes for my country. In my opinion, two vital essentials for South Africa to thrive are: a government and political parties who play hard ball, and secondly: normal citizens and future leaders – people like you and I.

One of my greatest hopes for this democratic country is that it becomes a republic with majority of the population being practicing Muslim. I pray through the absolute Mercy and Grace of the Almighty, South Africa will be alive with Hufaadh, Ulema, Jurists and devout ambassadors of Islam. It would be a dream come true if the Athaan would be rendered loudly from every hook and nook of S.A, in order to invite people to Salah; to success! I have a vision of the streets being filled with girls modestly dressed in hijab and boys clad in kurta, whose faces are adorned with beards. Such Beauty! Have you seen a lion without its mane? Well, in my opinion that is undoubtedly possible — even though it seems impossible. Why? That is because Muslims are involved in every profession and field. It is possible because we have played a significant role in the anti-apartheid struggle as well in as post-apartheid South Africa. The proliferation of Islamic media is testament to the vibrancy of our local community. Private Islamic radio stations are broadcasted in nearly every province with a significant Muslim population. One such station is Radio Islam in Gauteng creating the perfect platform for inspiration.

However, before I can accomplish my dreams and hopes for S.A and for us to ameliorate our post-democracy problems, I need to elect a party that will give me freedom do to so! Freedom to practice my wonderful religion: Islam. Shocking it may seem, but I would most definitely vote for the ANC!

Firstly, let’s clear the air. We all have a misconception that the ANC is highly corrupt, but that’s not true! You want to know why? The actual double-dealing and vice is by the leaders, not the party. These corrupt leaders move goal posts and are blind and deaf to leadership tools. They govern by using unethical power due to not treasuring their knowledge and power. A leader has a purpose and that is to set an example. I can’t despise the party altogether, because as a whole they have good principles and an excellent constitution. I believe in their slogan: “Together we move South Africa forward.” Is this not proof that the ANC indeed does have some initiative to change S.A’s future for the better?

As a young adult what really concerns me is the state of our morals and values. Are we moulding ourselves into great leaders and shining examples of the kind of leadership we so desperately need today: the kind who can see beyond the current struggles and pain and convince ourselves and others that one day the best parts will prevail over the worst.

Dear brothers and sisters — it is said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As each day goes by the last hour draws closer. As we all know before Qiyamah there will be corrupt and unjust leaders who will rule over us. Has it ever dawned upon us that we will be those very leaders (future leaders)? Doesn’t this frightening thought scare you as it scares me? Can you be a leader with remarkable qualities who will leave a rich legacy behind?

I want to be remembered as the girl who brought a smile to a persons face, who never went to bed without nourishing a hungry and cold soul, who was there to wipe an orphan’s sparkling tear, who lifted the spirits of anyone who crossed her path, who strived for her religion and to please her Lord. One who contributed to make a change in her country, one who never let anything come between her  and her dreams, and most importantly who’s actions spoke louder than  her words.

Our ASPIRATIONS are our possibilities!


Afternoons Alive Ramdaan 1437


How about having an outlook at Ramadaan 1437 through the lenz of a motivated muslimah?

Who has a vision for divine closeness and self reformation, despite being caught in the midst of fulfilling worldly duties or being trapped with a productivity challenge.

Stay captivated this Ramadaan as Fatima Moolla and her esteemed guest, life coach sister Shaahista Ebrahim supply you with a weekly dose of flickering spiritual inspiration!

Let this Ramadaan be “A Time for Thought, Action, and Change”

on, AFTERNOONS ALIVE on Radio Islam International.

Awakening The True Believer From Within!

Afternoons Alive poetry competition on Radio Islam International – Topic being ‘ Your favourite presenter’


A voice that can sparkle.
A charm that can Dazzle
A passion for life. Almost

From timelessteenz
To afternoons alive,
Or all her articles on Radio Islams website.

If theres one woman.
With concern for whats right.
Its Fatima Moolla
With her Aura so bright.

Many people speak
To the mind not the soul
But as far as hearts go
To her. Mine is sold.

With a nature of care
She starts her show.
With many big endeavours.
InshaAllah she will grow.

To do whats right is not a simple task.
How does she do it. Many may ask.

When Allah sees striving, those who are true.
There will be blessings. In all that they do.

I hope to see you succeed.
And definitely. You are perfect to me.

Lots of love and care.
Your dearest Future Husband

(Written by Tufayl Patel)

Amine Evans – winner of Afternoons Alive poetry competition on Radio Islam International – Topic being ‘ Your favourite presenter’


Lustrous,Avuncular and brilliant,
Full of knowledge and marvellously intelligent.

Hafiz Yusuf Muhammed Rawat is his name,
Bringing little children close to Allah is his aim.

A motivation to one and all,
Old,young,short and tall.

A blessing to the radio,indeed,
Who influences every listener to do a good deed.

Magnificent in his deeni speech,
Leaving lessons every week for each.

He feeds spiritual food to little hearts,
As well as sings the most melodious naaths.

Always sounds cheerful like a lark,
Never giving a single bark.

He treats every child like an expensive gem,
Without even having a clue about them.

The radios bright light,
Who brings light to the dull Saturday night.

May Allah reward him

Tasneem Fajandar, winner of Afternoons Alive poetry competition on Radio Islam International – Topic being ‘ Your favourite presenter’


How can I pick just one?
When all are so full of fun?

They make me laugh,
They make me cry.
They teach me so much,
Indebted am I.

From News and politics and exercises to do, Kitchen rules and recipes and abit for the kids and teens too.
There’s a slot for everyone to enjoy it through.

What would my life be,
Without those friends I cannot see.

Jazakallah to all the Radio Islam presenters, who work from dawn to dusk and so much more.
Just to bring us knowledge galore.

Afternoons Alive, only of Radio Islam International


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‘ The greatest machine ever invented – Candy Floss Machine’ a speech I had written for a primary school learner


I am me, and like all little children and some adults too.

There is one thing I look forward to at fairgrounds, parties or candy stores.

Let me give you a mouthwatering clue: It is soft like fur, puffy like a cloud, sweet like me and it melts in your mouth.

I’m guessing the first thing that popped into your aborting mind is CANDY FLOSS.

Have you ever wondered who invented such an awesome machine that produces yummy, magical fairy puffs?

Well, if you have, then we on the same page and we both agree that it is the best machine that has ever been invented.

Without out a doubt, the young and the old relish its end product and devour it merrily as they drift off to cloud nine.

Now, for those of you who are curious or rather fascinated:

This truly amazing machine which spun candy floss was introduced in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Warton. The two Tennessee candy-makers invented the world’s first candy floss machine.

In 1904, Morrison and Wharton took their candy floss, which they called “fairy floss,” to the St. Louis World’s Fair. They sold each box for 25 cents, which was worth a lot of money back then. Though this may not seem like much today, it was half the price of an admission ticket to the fair back then!

Let me tell you the most interesting and important part of this machine which we can call the eight wonder of the world due to its uniqueness.

So, what happens inside the candy floss machine?

First, sugar is melted until it becomes a liquid. Then, the liquid sugar is spun as the machine forces it through tiny holes that shape and cool the liquid. After it cools, the sugar becomes a solid again.

Thousands of tiny crystallized sugar threads are then collected by gently rotating a paper cone around the inside of the machine. Once the puff of cotton candy is just the right size, it’s time to eat – yummy!

In case you’re curious about how candy floss gets its signature pink and blue coloring, you may be surprised to find out that candy floss, just like sugar, is naturally white. Pink and blue cotton candy is colored with dashes of flavouring and food colour.

And to conclude, I have a few sweet facts about candy floss to share with you:

1) National Cotton Candy Day is celebrated on November 7 each year.
2) There is only one ingredient in cotton candy: sugar.
3) There is about as much sugar in cotton candy as in a can of coke.

Now, with such sweet ideas buzzing in our minds, we all going to go home today and ask our parents to buy us a mini candy floss machine, so that we can become the world’s next extraordinary inventors!

‘Farm Animal’ poem that I had written for a primary school learner


As the beautiful bright sun rises and brings about the glory of the early morning, the tired farmer awakes to the croaky alarm of the rooster whose ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’, has changed to ‘cock-a doodle-choo’!

‘Grrr’ grumbles the farmers hungry tummy and so he hopity hops to the barn to get fresh creamy milk from the big cow called Daisy who says ‘moo’.

‘Crackity crack’, and a little fluffy yellow chick peeks its head out from the half broken egg beneath mother hen sitting proudly in her pen.

Just under the hay stack is a tiny ‘squeak squeak’ of the velvety grey mouse that ate the farmers cheese quietly, ‘nom nom nom’ and now he’s belly is so full he can’t even move.

Standing in the grassy field ‘Boo Boo’ groans Robbin the scarecrow who doesn’t forget to do his job, by scaring the naughty birdies away while they ‘chirpity chirp’ away wishing to have found a fat little worm.

Down by the big blue dam are a family of fluffy white ducks who are ‘splish splashing’ in circles playing ‘ringa ringa rosy’ humming ‘ quack quack’ all the way.
‘Meh meh, cries the small black sheep Shawn as the farmer shears his soft cozy wool away and “ouch ouch’ screams the angry farmer as shawn bites his finger away.

As the sun sets and the sky reddens all the animals go back to there tiny houses and ‘gobble, gobble, gobble’ while eating their yummy supper bite by bite.

And soon ‘snore snore snore’ they all sound asleep with the twinkly stars shining above there dreamy heads.

VALENTINE VICE – Nothing wrong with a little extra loving right? After all, doesn’t Allah keep encouraging us to love one another? So, what’s the deal with our Ulama discouraging us from celebrating Valentines Day? Guest contributor to Radio Islam Fatima Moolla tells us about the pagan origins of this day and to avoid blindly following fads in the name of Love.


Saint Valentine was a name given to two ancient martyrs of the Christian Church.

At the beginning, the Romans used to celebrate an event in mid-February each year with a big festival. One of the rituals of this festival was the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Two strong, muscular youths would dab the blood of the dog and goat onto their bodies, and thereafter they would wash the blood away with milk. After that there would be a great parade, with these two youths leading the gang, would go marching through the streets. The two youths would have pieces of leather with which they would hit everyone who crossed their path. The Roman women would welcome these blows, because they believed that they could prevent or cure infertility.

When the Romans accepted Christianity they had to change their pagan ways. They adapted the Feast of Love to be in honour of Saint Valentine, who was considered to be the patron saint of lovers, instead of their pagan gods.

By accepting and celebrating this day in the name of Love, what exactly are we approving and accepting?

This day is not part of Deen and has no basis in Shar’ee. Rituals carried out at those festivals were barbaric. We are regressing by imitating the uncivilised practices of the pagan worshippers when we are supposed to be progressing when it comes to intellectual and moral affairs. Only people of by-gone eras and ancient times used to carry out despicable acts and sacrifice their blood and bodies to deities or other ancestral beings.

This was due to their lack of knowledge and wisdom, but we are not victims of that ignorance currently.

Allah Ta’allah states in the glorious Quraan: “For every nation We have ordained religious ceremonies which they must follow.” [al-Hajj 22:67]

It is disturbing to see that Muslims shy away from practicing their own religion, and therefore resort to another. Allah Ta’allah has prescribed to every nation a set of laws and customs to be implemented and followed.

If we give in to the temptations of the kufaar because we are weak in Imaan, then we should make use of another alternative that is part of deen. By attending the weekly taalim or majlis at the masjid, perhaps even listening to a bayaan or reading a good book, it will Inshallah guide us towards that which is liked in the eyes of Allah Ta’allah and not that which angers him.

Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) is reported to have mentioned in a Hadith: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.”

When we imitate these cringe-worthy festivals, respect and consider them to be apart of our lifestyle, then how will we be raised with Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) on the day of Qiyamah? If we had true love for him, we would abstain from the things that he prohibited us from.

Aa’ishah (Radiyallahu Anha) narrates that Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) said: “Whoever introduces anything into this matter of ours that is not part of it will have it rejected.”

It is said that whatever a person innovates into Deen will be rejected, because if what they innovate were correct it would be substantiated in Quraan and Sunnah , and we would find the Sahaba (radiyallahu Anhum) do it.

May Allah Ta’allah make it easy for us to stay away from all sort of bid’ah and innovation that is becoming more prevalent in todays times.

This day undoubtedly promotes zina, that would lead to love and passion between two people. It contradicts the sunnah of Nikkah, because it encourages the exchange of gifts, flowers and chocolates to the opposite gender. Some congratulates their ‘friends’, whilst others wear red and attend indecent parties at clubs etc, where there is mixing of men and women. All of the above mentioned things could at some point lead to immorality.  

Shopkeepers should stay away from selling gifts or items that are purchased in order to celebrate this day. Bear in mind the virtue of earning halaal income. Ask yourself: ‘Is what I’m earning from a halaal source?” It is also up to us consumers not to buy these goods or help advertise in any way.

To those who are single, keep in mind that the haraam and zina done before marriage takes out the barakah in your nikah. And to those who are married, love is not only set to a fixed day, it’s meant to be expressed to your rightful spouse each morning and evening. The one who is sincere towards himself and Allah Ta’allah should keep away from sin, and the means that lead to it. That way we will be stopping Shaitaan dead in his tracks.

May Allah Ta’allah wrap us in His mercy and forgiveness. May Allah save us from every sin, and grant us the benefit from every good deed. May Allah grant us success in attaining Jannah and deliverance from Fire. Ameen

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Make the most of the holiday season.


The time of the year we all have been waiting for has finally arrived at our doorstep. With leisure comes obedience to Allah, and a duty to have fun in a way that does not contradict the laws of Allah. We are to be careful as to where we go, whom we meet and never forget to ‘Be Muslim’ in all our dealings and actions.



Among those who will be shaded beneath the throne of Allah are those people who spent their youth in worship and obedience of Allah. Holidays provide us with a perfect opportunity to gain closeness to Allah and attain a spiritual boost as well as this lofty position. Try to read a para a day in order to finish a khatam, and that will reap 10 rewards for each letter. Learn a new surah or dua weekly. Attend the halqa of Taalim or tafseer classes. Apart from attaining knowledge alone, even the angels and all creation make dua e magfirah for us. Most importantly our salaah should not be neglected during the midst of fun and games. During this cheerful occasion, may Allah save us from being like those accursed people mentioned in the Quraan: Be not like those who forgot Allah, and as a result Allah caused then to forget themselves.

Reading books


The first words to be revealed were Iqra, Read! It is an instruction to educate and enlighten ourselves through the power of words. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. As an alternative to watching a movie, go to the library and read a good book or browse through one of the many inspiring blogs that stream the net. In place of watching images flash before our eyes, read and let imagination paint a picture in the mind. When coming across an unknown word, then add it to a personal vocabulary list and look up the meaning. Together with that, randomly open the dictionary, pick a word everyday and note it down in the vocab list. Like that, there will eventually be a list of new words for next year which could be used in essays and speeches at school. That’s a secret to stimulate English creative writing grades. Grammar in language is like salt is to food.

Youth projects


There are many recreational activities being held in communities for youth, such as camps and holiday programmes. In the pressure-oriented environment we grow up in, attending these initiatives aid in the development of team building, communication skills, responsibility and performing acts of Ibadah as a collective. It also masters positive social interaction, meaningful participation in activities, creative self-expression and reflections of experiences of future hurdles. This makes it easier for the youth as they require support and assistance to keep them on the right path and bloom into mature adults. It yields as a platform to make new friends who will benefit our deen and learn about other cultures. More then being mindful of keeping good company, being the best one is more important. Parents advise children to stay away from so and so in order to protect them from their destructive influence, not knowing that their children are the very culprits. Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) said that, a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so beware of whom you befriend.



When setting out on a journey, recite relevant boarding and safety dua’s upon departure. Abide by road safety rules and drive cautiously. Be alert of pedestrians and wild animals along the countryside. Arrive alive; speed kills. Aim to encourage road safety which will reduce the number of people being killed and injured our roads every year throughout peak season. During sight seeing while observing nature, animals, mountains or the ocean say ‘Subhanallah’ and marvel at the creation of Allah. Indeed Allah Ta’allah brought into existence every creature so that we may ponder and reflect on the greatness of Almighty Allah.



Try not to waste time away being idle and lazy, as our muscles tend to stiffen. Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) said that, a strong believer is better then a weak one. Therefore keeping fit and exercising is essential for a healthy body and mind. Our bodies need to be taken care of and be given equal rest and exercise as it is a trust from Allah and requires physical and emotional nurturing. Involvement in sports such as soccer, cricket, swimming, cycling, tennis and horse riding can be done with the whole family. It will serve as a means to bond and play with each other. Those who wish to have a long life and barakah in sustenance should join family ties. Take advantage of the holidays and spend quality time with loved ones.

Wishing all esteemed readers, listeners and Radio Islam team a safe trip. May you have days full of sunshine, exciting places, smiling faces, wonderful weather and may you return with happy memories to cherish. Have a great time and remember Allah always!


Bon voyage.

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penned by Fatima Moolla ( 18 years)